Save time and money managing a link directory with Yoto! We have combined the best in the business in one online tool to help you manage a reciprocal link directory. Yoto is build for webmasters that spend most of their time finding reciprocal link partners.

Here are some of the features which makes Yoto unique:

quickLink add form to input your partners info.
Directory building tool capabable of creating a complete resource directory.
Internal FTP to update all your link pages
Spidering technology to check for reciprocal links
Advance spidering path finder to make sure your link is crawlable by SE's Spiders
Robots File and Robots Tag checker to catch cheating webmasters!
Supports Multiple Directories on different websites!
Log and track all link requests so you don't have to!
Customizable Theming scheme for easy integration.
Easily trade links with other Yoto users. All links automatically entered only after both sides agree to exchange links.
No Junk HTML coding to your directory pages.

This is just a few of the advanced features that we have put into our program. It's one thing getting the links onto your page. It is totally different when it comes to maintaining a proper links directory which can be just as much time consuming than looking for new partners. We have taken great care into all aspects of reciprocal linking.

Don't spend countless hours coding your html page to add or remove linking partners. Yoto will automate all the tedious tasks associated with link management.

Although there are a few programs out there, Yoto is complete and can easily equal 2-3 services that you might have to purchase separately.

PLUS - We have added a Search Engine Forums and Search Engine News section to help you with your website promotions. Our SE Guru updates this section daily to bring you the latest news, changes and how-to get a premium position in the most popular search engines. Discuss or ask questions with other webmasters who knows the business.

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